FLICS Beyond Borders: App Presented to a Slovenian Delegation

“FLICS: Memories to Explore” goes beyond borders and meets a delegation from the Idria community in Slovenia.

On Monday, January 29, we hosted a delegation from the Idria community as part of the “GO! PASTA – Building Intercultural and Economic Bridges through Stuffed Pasta” project.
GO! PASTA aims to connect the gastronomic and cultural heritage of Alto Friuli and the Goriška region, promoting the multicultural identity of the region and fostering community cohesion through a traditional dish, Cjarsons, which has a cross-border counterpart: “Idrijski žlikrofi” from the Goriška region.

We wanted the group to listen to the story of Nonna Olimpia’s Cjarsons, one of the 30 stories collected in FLICS: Memories to Explore (link here): who knows if there is also a Nonna Olimpia in Idria who kneads 1500 Cjarsons at once?!

The GO! PASTA project is promoted by the Mountain Community of Carnia and the ID20 Research Institute of Idria (Slo). It is funded by the European Union under the Small Project Fund GO! 2025 of the Interreg VI-A Italy-Slovenia 2021-2027 program, managed by GECT GO.

Borgo Soandri Sutrio BITAC Ravenna
Borgo Soandri Sutrio BITAC Ravenna
Borgo Soandri Sutrio BITAC Ravenna

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