Albergo Diffuso

“You have been guests in our homes, our history, architecture, craftsmanship, art, and memories.

Not just in our nature, peace, and forests, enjoy both and welcome.”

– Leonardo Zanier, poet and one of the first to develop the idea of the Albergo Diffuso.

What is Albergo Diffuso

Welcome to the Albergo Diffuso Borgo Soandri in Sutrio, in Carnia. This idea was born over 25 years ago to stop depopulation in mountain villages and open the doors to a new development opportunity through the enhancement of the territory.

Abandoned houses, old barns, and stables are renovated according to traditional architecture and put at the service of tourists, who have the opportunity to enjoy wide open spaces, unspoiled nature, and the warmth of the community. In Sutrio, you’ll experience a village as a hotel where children still run on the streets, people greet each other by looking into each other’s eyes, and at 6 pm everyone gathers in a tavern to share a glass of good wine and exchange a few words.

Experience a village as a hotel

With the Albergo Diffuso Borgo Soandri, you’ll feel like part of the community: you’ll live in one of over 30 apartments located in the cobbled alleys of the village, shop in local shops and agri-food companies, discover the area with local guides, and immerse yourself in the life of the village of Sutrio.

Our services

All of this comes with the convenience of hotel services: a single reception located in the center of Sutrio that welcomes you and meets your every need; linen change and cleaning for extended stays; and bed linen and towels provided in each apartment.
Additionally, our apartments come equipped with a kitchen stocked with all the essentials.

Each apartment is named after one of the flowers that grows wild in the meadows of Sutrio: the village becomes a bouquet of names and scents, among which you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The numbers of the Albergo Diffuso Borgo Soandri



Guests per year

The cooperative

Albergo Diffuso Borgo Soandri is a cooperative of members that aims to enhance the economic activity of tourism operators and participate in the social and economic development of the people who live in this area.

The cooperative includes more than 40 members: in addition to the owners of the accommodations of the Albergo Diffuso Borgo Soandri, there are also some activities operating in the village in the tourism and hospitality sector, and beyond.

The Albergo Diffuso is a community project: the village itself becomes the hotel, and all the resources of the territory become an integral part of the project.

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