Sauna Nights at Terme di Arta: New Agreement!

New agreement with Terme di Arta
The collaboration with Terme di Arta, just a few kilometers from Sutrio, is renewed and enriched. In addition to the 10% discount already offered to our guests, starting today, you can experience the Aufguss ritual at a convenient price!
For those participating in the Aufguss nights organized by Terme di Arta, there is a 20% discount on accommodation at Albergo Diffuso Borgo Soandri (excluding the period from Christmas to Epiphany). Treating yourself to a moment of well-being is now even more affordable!

What is Aufguss?
Aufguss is a ritual that takes place during a sauna session and involves using selected essences in water or ice, which vaporize upon contact with the sauna stove. The Aufguss master then waves a towel, following carefully choreographed moves, ensuring that the hot steam reaches all participants. This intensifies the benefits of the sauna. The essences and the ritual vary each time, and at Terme di Arta, they strive to experiment with scents and sensations, making each Aufguss experience new and revitalizing.

Contact us to learn about upcoming events at Terme di Arta. For more information on the wellness, beauty, and health services offered by Terme di Arta, visit their website by clicking here.

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