After captivating St. Peter’s Square during Christmas 2022, the Nativity Scene from the Vatican has returned to Sutrio!

Spread over an area of 116 square meters, it houses 18 statues carved by 11 artists from all over Friuli Venezia Giulia, illuminated by 50 lights. The dome of the Nativity Scene, topped by an Angel, reaches a height of 7 meters.

The Municipality of Sutrio boasts a deep-rooted tradition of woodworking, and now even more so with the Nativity Scene on permanent display in the heart of the village. In the evening hours, you can admire the details of the artwork thanks to the enchanting play of lights projected on each statue.

Nativity Scene in Vatican

Where: Via Linussio, 1 in Sutrio
When: All year round, the Nativity Scene is outdoors and remains on permanent display For whom: For everyone!
For whom: For everyone!

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