Albergo diffuso

Borgo Soandri is an example of innovation which also takes into consideration the tradition: the perfect fusion of these two aspects creates a modern hospitality service in typical buildings located in a fantastic village in Carnia.


This hospitality ethic based on the re-evaluation of the territory and the existing building stock, with the aim of creating a benefit for the entire community. The traditional house becomes one of the main point of our offer, giving our guests the opportunity to enjoy the wider spaces in connection with the wild nature.

Sutrio is a village with 18th century buildings, with a tipical architecture that offers a new concept of holiday.

Our guest can enjoy, in the ancient village, its easygoing life sorrounded by nature, with the advantage of a homely stay thanks to the large spaces, without giving up to all facilites offered in a traditional hotel.


“Albergo Diffuso” offers accommodation for up to 150 guests in many renovated houses and apartments, where you can find the taste of the tipical forniture of Carnia.


Borgo Soandri’s accommodation is accessible to people with disability, large families, bike riders and also families with their four-legged friends.

The accommodation is managed by a central reception located in the village center, which takes care of all the operations to the tourist welcoming. Our guests can find all the services provided in a normal hotel: from the change of bed sheets, to the breakfast. We also provide you with a discount card valid in all restaurants, shops and services of the village, which can assure to our guest a wide and differentiated choice.

We would be happy to welcome you and to share with all our guests the beauty of the land and the nature that characterised our territory.